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How We Got Started

For years, we worked in close contact with a number of well-trusted contractors, most of whom we’d partnered with from the beginning of our time in flooring installation. The idea behind our store, CPS Flooring & More, grew out of those years of experience. The hope was that, by harnessing the mutual respect and shared goal that rises out these partnerships we’d fostered, we could have something special to offer the community of Paulding County. In short, we could offer a higher quality of product, as well as a higher standard of craftsmanship. We could offer floors that are built to last.  

And Today

CPS Flooring & More is the family-owned flooring store that offers Tile, Carpet, Trim, Laminate Floors, Vinyl Floors, Hardwood Floors, and an impressive selection of Luxury Vinyl Plankand one other thing. At CPS Flooring & More, we offer expertise and a deep sense of pride to go along with our inventory of quality flooring. Hence the “More” part in our name. Our higher quality of products converge with a higher standard of craftsmanship to deliver flooring that’s built to last and bound to do wonders to complement your home and business.       

As for the Future…

Our floors are built to last. Think of it this way. Few upgrades can complete the look and layout of a room the way flooring can. But because the need for flooring only arises every so often (in many cases, it’s once every 25 years), it’s absolutely imperative to work with professionals who know what they’re doing. Enter CPS Flooring & More. Between the colors, grains, and textures that are available, the options are nearly infinite. At CPS Flooring & More, we’ll help you reach a decision you can feel confident about so that you end up with floors that are a perfect fit for your home, and thanks to the quality of products we carry and the craftsmanship we ensure, your floors will be built to last! After all, what good are attractive new luxury  vinyl planks if they aren’t durable as well? Don’t answer that. No need. Let’s talk flooring instead!  

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